At Xtreme Roofing, we source premium roofing materials and the quality windows, doors, and siding we’ve always provided North Carolina homeowners. We’re proud to offer state-of-the-art metal roofing materials to local homeowners who want to upgrade their curb appeal and protection.

What is Metal Roofing?

Made of steel, aluminum, copper, or other metals, this roofing often consists of overlapped panels or shingles that create seamless protection. Prized for their many color and finish options, metal roofs offer unmatched resistance to severe weather conditions, including heavy rain, snow, and fire hazards.

Metal Roofing by Xtreme Roofing

We offer an extensive range of options that surpass industry standards, including resilient steel and lightweight aluminum, with finishes ranging from bright copper to modern onyx. Some materials even have special coatings for added protection. Each option reflects our commitment to providing our local clients with durable roof and exterior materials.

Why Choose Us for Your Next North Carolina Metal Roofing Project

Whether it’s the contemporary appeal of smooth metal panels, the resilience of architectural shingles, or the classic charm of asphalt shingles, our range of options at Xtreme Roofing aims to meet the specific preferences and needs of our customers. We can install these materials on all roof types, like gable or hip roofs, and even flat roofing systems!

Ready to upgrade your residential home with the longest-lasting material on the market today? Contact us for more information about your metal roofing options!


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